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Meetings Cancelled

Lamlash Improvements will not be holding any regular meeting until further notice. We are all very aware of the travel and meeting restrictions that the Government has asked us to follow. We take this very seriously and want to help keep both our members and the community at large safe.

We have taken the decision to keep the Lamlash public toilet open, however, there will not daily cleaning of the toilet. Users of the toilet will be asked to help keep it clean, and we have provided cleaning equipment and vinyl gloves so that they can safely do this. Members will keep an eye on the loos, and we will review this arrangement if necessary.

The reason we have taken this decision is that many of the cleaning team are over 70, and therefore, are in the high risk age group. It would unreasonable to ask them to continue even if they were willing. However, we know that some people still rely on having a public toilet to use whilst out, so we don't want to close the Lamlash loo if at all possible.

If anybody has any questions or comments please do let us know on info@lamlashimprovements.co.uk

Timothy Billings,
Chairman - Lamlash Improvements